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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Continuing Education

The goal of having an implemented process model of expertise is an interesting constraint for the definition of the subject matter. For a model to be operational, knowledge cannot be merely enunciated and explained: it must be put to work. Thus, all the knowledge critical to the target behavior has to be captured in the model of expertise, including the knowledge required for appropriately using knowledge. The fact that this model must be able to solve the same problems the student will eventually learn to solve ensures that, at some level of epistemic fidelity, it is complete.


In the representation of the subject matter, process models have been used to simulate two types of processes: 1) to model the phenomena the student has to understand, such as electronic circuits in SOPHIE and rainfall in WHY, 2) to model parts of the actual reasoning process the student learns to perform (ACTP tutors).


... the ideal component of the process model contains plans that describe how more complex tasks can be accomplished using a sequence of simpler tasks and commands, and have been implemented as a hierarchy of frames.


... a process model of the student's decision making....


Compare to mental state and mental models. See knowledge state.


  • Intelligence artificielle
  • Éducation permanente

Voir modélisation de processus, modèle quantitatif et modèle qualitatif.


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