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Good news! We have updated our writing tools. A new version of Favourite Articles is now available.

Don’t forget to update your bookmarks. Within a few weeks, the current version of Favourite Articles will no longer be available.


Introduction : Summary

At the click of a mouse, you can now read selected articles from past issues of Language Update (formerly Terminology Update) that deal with English language usage and style, translation problems, and other language-related matters.

We invite you to look at our sampling of articles produced over the last thirty years by a diverse group of contributors who have written clearly and succinctly about subjects of continuing interest.

Favourite Articles will be regularly augmented as new issues of Language Update are published.

Favourite Articles: Available in English only.

Note, however, that you can access similar content in French in the Chroniques de langue, one of the writing tools in the TERMIUM Plus® collection.