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This version of ConjugArt has been archived and won't be updated before it is permanently deleted.

Please consult the revamped version of ConjugArt for the most up-to-date content, and don't forget to update your bookmarks!



ConjugArt presents the conjugations of some 8,000 French verbs, including technical verbs, Canadianisms and European regionalisms.

To perform a search

Enter the term you are searching for in the search field, and press Enter or the arrow on the right.

You can also perform a search in the index:

  • Go to the alphabetical index above and click on the first letter of the term you are searching for.
  • Scroll down through the entries displayed in the left-hand index until you find the term you want.
  • Click on the term to display the corresponding article.

Note: ConjugArt is available in French only.