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Francophone, Anglophone

Canadian government usage is to capitalize the words Francophone and Anglophone, whether they are used as adjectives or as nouns. (Canadian newspaper style prefers lowercase).

  • Canadian Heritage will provide support for Anglophone groups in Quebec.
  • Both Anglophones and Francophones participated in the Francophone Summit held in New Brunswick.

The terms French-speaking and English-speaking can be used in place of the adjectives Francophone and Anglophone.

  • According to the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, the term “official language minority communities” refers to English-speaking communities in Quebec and French-speaking communities in a territory or in a province other than Quebec.

Use Francophone and Anglophone when referring to groups, such as the media, but French-language and English-language for objects such as books.

  • What are the Francophone media saying about the prime minister’s statement?
  • The exchange students from Germany were encouraged to read English-language (not Anglophone) books to practice their skills.