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lend, lent, loan, loaned

Lend is always a verb.

  • Could you lend me $200?
  • Bjorn lent us his ski chalet for the weekend.

The verb lend can also have a figurative meaning.

  • Please lend me a hand with this project.
  • The bright colours lent a cheerful air to the room.

Loan may be used as a noun or as a verb.

As a noun, loan refers to something that someone is allowed to borrow, or to the act of lending.

  • John and Lisa took out a loan to pay for the renovations to their house.
  • Could I have the loan of your car for the weekend?

As a verb, loan is used as a synonym for lend, especially in the case of valuable objects and money.

  • Consuela loaned the museum her collection of Aztec artifacts.
  • The bank loaned Elspeth the money to pay for the car.