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plurals of family names

To pluralize most family names, we add a simple s:

  • The Browns enjoy winter sports.
  • Have you met the Kilroys?
  • The Clancys and the McNamaras are from Ireland.
  • The Abdullahs live on Castor Court, beside the Greenbergs.

Names ending in ch, s, sh, x and z

To pluralize family names that end in ch, s, sh, x and z, we add an es in most cases:

  • The Welches have two children.
  • That farm was sold to the Lewises.
  • The Nashes run their own business.
  • The Hendrixes raise thoroughbred horses.
  • Two of those cats belong to the Alvarezes.

Names ending in s with a hard z sound

Of course, every exception has its exceptions! When a family name ends in an s that sounds like a hard z (like the s in buys), in most cases its spelling remains unchanged in the plural. In other words, we don’t add an es to make it plural:

  • The Andrews enjoy fine dining.
  • We met the Waters on our vacation to Cuba.