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all right, alright

The phrase all right indicates agreement, well-being, correctness or acceptability.

  • Can we meet for lunch at Yoko’s? All right.
  • How are you feeling after your workout at the gym? I feel all right (fine).
  • How was the exam? It was all right.
  • All right (or Okay), I’ll cook dinner tonight if you do the dishes.

When added to the end or beginning of a sentence, all right emphasizes the accuracy of a statement:

  • He’s smart, all right.
  • I’ll be hitting the slopes this weekend, all right (for certain)!

The spelling alright is non-standard English and should be avoided.

  • Incorrect: Does that draft need further editing? No, it’s alright.
  • Correct: Does that draft need further editing? No, it’s all right.