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biannual, biennial, semi-annual

Semi-annual events occur twice a year.

  • Come to our semi-annual sale: it happens only twice a year!

Biannual events occur either every two years or twice a year.

  • The 7th Biannual Conference on Economic Design took place in Montreal in June 2011. The next conference was held in 2013.
  • Our biannual journal appears in June and December.

To avoid confusion, use semi-annual rather than biannual or twice a year instead of biannually.

  • Our journal is a semi-annual (not biannual) publication.
  • Our journal appears twice a year (not biannually).

Biennial events occur every two years. Biennial can also refer to a two-year period (such as for a plan or budget).

  • We prepared the university’s biennial plan for 2016-2018.

In gardening, biennial plants have a two-year life cycle.

  • Use biennials for the new border; we won’t have to plant again next year.