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affect, effect

Affect and effect are easily confused. The guidelines below will help you to choose the right word.

Use affect if you mean

  • to influence
    • Budgetary constraints have seriously affected our grants and contributions.
  • to feign, to simulate
    • Jerome affected a British accent when recounting his travels abroad.
  • to move, to touch
    • The Smiths were deeply affected by the loss of their pet cockatoo.
  • to pretend
    • Jackie affected to despise science fiction, yet she was avidly reading all of Isaac Asimov’s robot novels.
  • to hinder; to hurt
    • How does low literacy affect the health of Canadians?

Use effect if you mean

  • to bring about
    • Can you effect those improvements by the end of the first quarter?
    • Jessie became involved in her community and effected many changes.
  • to carry out
    • We need the support of all stakeholders before we can effect health care reform.
  • an impact
    • The Supreme Court ruling will have a lasting effect on official languages services
  • an impression
    • The artist stood back to take in the overall effect of his painting.
  • an outcome; a result
    • The committee members hoped the measures would produce a positive effect.