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11.27 Model minutes

Regional Development Branch
Minutes of Branch Executive Committee Meeting
Friday, January 19, 1996
9:00 a.m., Room 214

Attendee Status Column 1 Column 2 Present:   R. Burnett (Chair)   M. Benesh
B. Parkins B. Boucher
S. Garnett A. Farrell (Secretary)


  1.  Approval of BEC minutes of January 5, 1996

    The minutes were approved with the following amendments:

    Item 1—clarification

    No decision had yet been made on what system would be
    used for pay management as of April 1, 1996. Mrs. Benesh
    requested that all branch heads be advised in writing.
    This was approved.

    R. Burnett

    Item 2—clarification

    The deadline could not be met because decisions on some
    action items had yet to be made.

  2.  SMC—debriefing

    The Operational Planning Framework was discussed, but
    members did not get past the opening statement. It was agreed
    that the statement was incomplete and would be reviewed.
    A revised draft would be prepared.

    B. Parkins

  3.  ADM—debriefing

    The Cabinet Agenda was discussed. Items covered included
    a paper on a water resources strategy for Canada, the Alberta
    Memorandum to Cabinet, the Dairy Program and the Livestock
    Pedigree Act.

    The Deputy Minister and Mr. Burnett were to meet with
    J. Faulds, the Regional Director for Nova Scotia, on February 5.

    The Manitoba Memorandum of Understanding had been
    signed on January 8.

  4.  Disk space allocation

    The message from Colin Jamieson was sent to 35 out of
    48 accounts in the Branch. With over 45 percent of the
    Branch’s disk allocation now in use, it was agreed that the
    Branch would not reduce its disk space allocation until the
    Information Systems Committee had met with Mr. Jamieson
    and obtained a clear definition of what the requirements were.

  5.  Other business—assignment

    Alberta requires a finance officer for a short-term assignment.
    Finance and Administration would be approached.

    S. Garnett

    The meeting closed at 10:30 a.m.

Left Signature Right Signature __________________
R. Burnett
A. Farrell

Committee members