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Avis important

La présente version de l'outil HyperGrammar 2 a été archivée et ne sera plus mise à jour jusqu'à son retrait définitif.

Veuillez consulter la version remaniée de l'outil HyperGrammar 2 pour obtenir notre contenu le plus à jour, et n'oubliez pas de modifier vos favoris!


Introduction : Summary

HyperGrammar2 is an intuitive self-teaching tool designed to help you improve your knowledge of grammar whether English is your first language or not. Made up of 13 modules, this tutorial deals with such topics as parts of speech, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and much more. At your own pace, you can navigate through the course one module at a time or you can choose to focus on a single topic using the hyperlinks. All site modules include examples and most have question-and-answer review pages to help you understand and assimilate the subject matter.

This product has been adapted from HyperGrammar, the very popular on-line tutorial developed by David Megginson, professor in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa. Work on this site is ongoing, with new data being added at regular intervals.

HyperGrammar2 is available in English only.

Note, however, that you can access similar content in French in the Le Bellerive, one of the writing tools in the TERMIUM Plus® collection.