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Subject field(s)
  • Applications of Electronics
  • Aircraft Piloting and Navigation
  • Navigation Instruments
  • Flight Instruments and Equipment (Aeroindustry)

The single-axis inertial platform... The angular motions of the controlled member are sensed by the single-axis gyro. The output signal of the gyro is electronically processed and fed to the torque motor (TM) of the stable element and to the torque generator (TG) of the gyro. The problem is to determine how to do the electronic processing so that the controlled member maintains its orientation in spite of disturbances. The voltage across the output signal generator (SG) of the gyroscope is proportional to the integral of the angular velocity of the controlled member about the gyroscope's input axis. Consequently, this signal is fed to an amplifier and then to a motor, which drives the controlled member in the proper direction to null the ouptut of the gyroscope.


signal generator: A source of electrical signals, whose characteristics, e.g. waveform, frequency, voltage, etc. can be fixed or controlled within specified limits.

Key term(s)
  • output SG


  • Applications de l'électronique
  • Pilotage et navigation aérienne
  • Instruments de navigation
  • Instruments et équipement de bord (Constructions aéronautiques)

générateur de signaux : Source de signaux électriques dont les caractéristiques (forme d'onde, fréquence, tension, etc.) peuvent être réglées à des valeurs fixes, ou à des valeurs variables dans des limites spécifiées.


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