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Subject field(s)
  • Simulation (Cybernetic Systems)
  • Collaboration with WIPO

The inventors have recognized the benefits of providing an augmented reality system that may be capable of automatically identifying and tracking features within a three-dimensional environment for the purpose of projecting information into the three-dimensional environment to instruct an operator in a specific procedure. In one embodiment, a method for providing an augmented reality includes the steps of: identifying a feature within a three-dimensional environment; projecting first information into the three-dimensional environment; collecting an image of the three-dimensional environment and the projected information; determining at least one of distance and orientation of the feature from the projected first information in the collected image; identifying an object within the three-dimensional environment; and performing markerless tracking of the object. In another embodiment, a method for providing augmented reality includes the steps of: collecting visual information of an environment; identifying a plurality of features within the environment; comparing the plurality of features to a visual signature to identify a situation; performing markerless tracking of the plurality of features; and providing a visual prompt to a user regarding the identified situation.


markerless tracking: data validated by Canadian subject-field experts from École Polytechnique de Montréal, MasterpieceVR and McGill University.


  • Simulation (Systèmes cybernétiques)
  • Collaboration avec l'OMPI

D'autres approches reposant [...] sur des techniques d'optimisation nonlinéaire existent aussi […] Le point de vue peut être calculé à partir de primitives de type points ou cercles [...] Par ailleurs il existe des approches qui après une phase d'apprentissage reposant sur l'utilisation de marqueurs permettent de faire un suivi sans marqueur à partir de points d'intérêt […]


Campo(s) temático(s)
  • Simulación (Sistemas cibernéticos)
  • Colaboración con la OMPI

[…] es necesario estimar la posición y orientación de la cámara con respecto al mundo real y viceversa. La combinación de posición y orientación es llamada "pose" y en este caso se utilizaron dos técnicas de seguimiento o "tracking": seguimiento de marcadores cuadrados (marker-based tracking) y seguimiento de características naturales (markerless).

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