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  • Metallurgy - General

An intermediate solid wrought product of uniform, approx. round, triangular or regular polygonal cross-section along its whole length (with a maximum cross-section dimension exceeding 6 mm) supplied in coils.


[Drawing stock] Term standardized by ISO.


Taking into account different manufacturing processes, e.g. extruding, hot rolling, continuous casting with subsequent hot rolling, the term "drawing stock" for the intermediate product was selected as the preferred term to replace the term "Wire rod". a) Drawing stock : This term was derived by analogy with "forging stock", in order to express that this intermediate product is intended to be drawn. b) Wire rod : This term - used in some countries - has been rejected on the basis of terminology principles: "wire" and "rod" are terms for two different products, which shall not be combined to name a third product.


  • Métallurgie générale

Produit intermédiaire plein corroyé de section transversale, approximativement circulaire, triangulaire ou polygonale régulière constante sur toute la longueur (avec une dimension de la section au delà de 6 mm), livré enroulé.


Pour fabriquer les fils métalliques, on réduit par laminage à chaud, sur des trains à fil, le diamètre de barres ou de billettes, obtenues soit par coulée continue, soit par laminage à chaud. On obtient ainsi le fil machine, dont le diamètre (qui s'étage entre 5 et 15 mm) est réduit par tréfilage à froid.


[Fil machine] Terme normalisé par l'ISO.


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