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  • Classification of Coal

A coal microlithotype consisting of a single maceral.


At the microscopic level, the associations of coal macerals are named microlithotypes. They have been classified into three main groups: monomaceral, bimaceral and trimaceral according to whether a microlithotype contains one, two or three maceral groups. The monomaceral microlithotypes "vitrite", "liptite" or "fusite" must contain not less than 95% vitrinite, liptinite or inertinite and not more than 5% other maceral groups, respectively.


A maceral is a component of coal. The term "maceral" in reference to coal is analogous to the use of the term "mineral" in reference to igneous or metamorphic rocks. Examples of macerals are inertinite, vitrinite and liptinite.


  • Classification des charbons

Classification des principaux microlithotypes : Monomacéral [...] Bimacéral [...] Trimacéral [...]


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