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fixed-pitch wind turbine [1 record]

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  • Electric Rotary Machines - Types
  • Wind Energy

[A horizontal axis wind turbine] where the global pitch angle [of the blades] does not change dynamically ...


Pitch Regulation. Once the rated wind speed has been reached, a WT [wind turbine] will be unable to make use of all of the wind energy incident on the rotor plane and must shed some. A pitch-regulated WT [wind turbine] will do this [namely] by pitching the blades to increase the angle of attack to cause sections of the blade to stall (in pitch-to-stall machines).


  • Machines tournantes électriques - types
  • Énergie éolienne

Éolienne à axe horizontal dont le rotor est muni de pales fixées de manière rigide au moyeu et qui est régulée soit par effacement du rotor, soit par décrochage aérodynamique passif des pales.


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  • Máquinas rotativas eléctricas - tipos
  • Energía eólica
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