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7.27 The Colon, Miscellaneous

In business letters and printed speeches, a colon follows the salutation:

  • Dear Mr. Fox:

In personal letters, the colon is usually replaced by a comma:

  • Dear Susan,

The colon is used to separate titles from subtitles. It is followed by a single space:

  • Canada: A Story of Challenge

In references to books, plays, etc., colons separate chapter and verse, volume and page and act and scene, with no space on either side of the colon:

  • Numbers 7:11
  • History of Upper CanadaII:791
  • Fortune and Men’s EyesI:i

Location and name of publisher are also separated by a colon. The colon is followed by a single space:

  • Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press

See Chapter 9 Reference Matter for further information on the use of the colon in reference matter.

See Chapter 5 Numerical Expressions for uses of the colon with numerical expressions.