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Test yourself

Choose the correct word.

  1. My brother and (she/her) emailed each other daily for eight months before going out on their first date.

  2. My teenaged neighbour knows more about computers than (I/me), even though I have been using them longer than (he/him).

  3. No one was as happy as (I/me) when the two-hour PowerPoint presentation was cancelled.

  4. The mail-order company sent Maddie and (I/me) a free velvet painting, but (we/us) girls, having some artistic taste, shipped it right back.

  5. Do you mean to say that there is no bitter feud between Eli and (she/her) after all?

  6. In front of Andrée and (I/me) was the biggest hot fudge brownie sundae I had ever seen.

  7. (We/Us) union members should all sign the petition.

  8. Randy complained because his new stepfather disciplined his own son much less frequently than (he/him).