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Test yourself

Are the parentheses, brackets and ellipses in these sentences correct or incorrect?

  1. After reading about the many uses of brackets and parentheses, Terry and his software team created an entire website on the subject (www.bracketsandparentheses).


  2. “I was not myself when the spirits came for me,” Mrs. Milagro whispered. “I cannot is not accurate to say that I chose to go.”


  3. In covering the “Ban Apostrophe’s Now” movement, the Daily Press described the protestors’ regional rally as “ill conceived from the outset, truely (sic) a fiasco of epic proportions.”


  4. We don’t usually enjoy pub food...but we were influenced by the tourism website...which says the Olde Sheepdog Inn offers the finest dining in town.


  5. After the ceremony (once the vows had been spoken and the papers signed) Delores realized in a sickening flash that she had married the wrong man.


  6. Because Bayside Printing refuses to hire a proofreader, many of its most visible products (e.g., the film festival program and [my personal favourite] the bingo hall sign) contain embarrassing typographical errors.