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The prefix be- has several meanings.

Meaning 1: all around, all over

  • The father was beset with grief over the sad news.
  • Bespattered with mud, the child played happily.

Meaning 2: thoroughly, excessively

  • In a state of shock, people seemed bemused after the accident.
  • They begrudged the time they spent on the task.

Meaning 3: having, covered with

  • The bespectacled student raised his hand.
  • I felt like a bejewelled queen wearing that necklace.

Meaning 4: affect with

  • Alcohol befogs the mind.

Meaning 5: cause to be, cause to seem, make

  • He belittled her with his remarks.

Meaning 6: treat as

  • They befriended the new neighbours.