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capitalization: headings

Capitalization rules differ according to whether a title or heading is centred or placed at the left margin.

Left-aligned headings

Use sentence case for headings that begin at the left margin. In sentence case, you capitalize only the first word and any other words that require capitals in their own right (such as proper nouns).

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Centred headings

Use title case in centred headings. In title case, you capitalize the first and last words, and all major words in between.

The words that are not major words (and are therefore not capitalized in the middle of a heading) are articles (a, an, the) and any short conjunctions or prepositions of fewer than four letters.

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Exception: Short prepositions that are an inseparable part of a phrasal verb should be capitalized.

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For further information on headings, see REPORTS: HEADINGS.