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capitalization: seasons

Do NOT capitalize the names of seasons in general:

  • Cynthia loves to wear wool sweaters in the winter.
  • Are you going away for spring break?
  • With summer at an end, the new fall fashions are in the stores.

DO capitalize the names of seasons when they are part of an official name or title, or when they are personified:

  • The Winter Palace in Russia was built as a residence for the tsars.
  • The bright stars Vega, Altair and Deneb form the Summer Triangle.
  • Beverly enjoyed When Comes the Spring by Canadian author Janette Oke.
  • Comes Autumn with her sun-burnt caravan,
    Like a long gypsy train with trappings gay
    And tattered colors of the Orient,
    Moving slow-footed through the dreamy hills.
    —Bliss Carman