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Charlottetonian, Charlottetown, Charlottetowner

A native or resident of Prince Edward Island’s capital city is called a Charlottetowner or Charlottetonian. While the demonyms Charlottetowner and Charlottetonian are encountered in newspapers and magazines, they are often replaced in more formal writing by native, resident or inhabitant of Charlottetown, or some similar phrase.

  • Ross’s great-uncle was a Charlottetonian (or a native of Charlottetown).
  • Charlottetowners (or Charlottetown residents) and visitors alike enjoy Old Home Week.

It should be noted that Charlottetown is commonly used as a modifier, while Charlottetowner and Charlottetonian are not.

  • Charlottetown’s economy (or the Charlottetown economy) is highly dependent on tourism.

Prince Edward Islanders often refer to Charlottetown as ’Town.

  • Muriel drives into ’Town at least four times a week.