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daylight saving time, daylight time, standard time, summer time

The civil time during winter months is standard time.

  • Many farmers would prefer to stay on standard time all year.

In contrast, the correct name for the civil time prevailing in most of North America from April to October is daylight saving time, not savings.

  • Because people tend to rise earlier in summer, daylight saving time helps extend the day.

On other continents, this time shift is known as summer time.

  • When Britain is on summer time, it is five hours ahead of Canada.

When the name of the time zone is included, daylight saving time is shortened to daylight time and capitalized, with a corresponding initialism used as an abbreviation: e.g. Pacific Daylight Time or PDT.

  • The results will be emailed in the early afternoon, Eastern Daylight Time—that is, no later than 2:30 p.m. EDT.

Note: Usage is divided with regard to the use of capitals in the names of time zones. However, Canadian dictionaries and most Canadian style guides treat the official names of time zones as proper nouns and capitalize all words: Pacific Daylight Time and Pacific Standard Time.