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eco, ecological, ecology, environment

The term ecology has two meanings: (1) the relationship of organisms to their environment; and (2) the branch of science that studies this relationship.

  • Scientists studied the ecology of the island.
  • This university offers a degree in ecology.

The prefix eco (often used with a hyphen) refers to ecology or to the environment:

  • Because population is concentrated in urban settings, cities have large eco-footprints (ecological footprints).
  • This product is eco-friendly (safe for the environment).
  • Large-scale polluters are guilty of ecocide (destruction of the environment).
  • This destination is popular with ecotourists (people who vacation responsibly so as to preserve nature).
  • A system of living organisms interacting with their environment is called an ecosystem.
  • The global ecosystem is known as the ecosphere.

It is preferable to speak of damaging or protecting the environment, rather than damaging or protecting the ecology.

  • Scientists reported that there had been very little environmental damage.
  • Measures have been adopted to protect the wetland environment for future generations.