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fewer, less, lesser

Fewer indicates plural number and is used with plural nouns.

  • The Department of National Defence has bought fewer computers this year than last.
  • Greater emphasis on health issues means that there are fewer people eating candy.
  • The program benefits families with four or fewer children.
  • Students must answer no fewer than 12 questions on the exam paper.

Less and lesser indicate a singular amount and are used with singular nouns (which are often uncountable).

  • There will be one less participant in this competition.
  • You will be assigned less work this week.
  • Henk had even less money than I did in our student days.
  • Granny used to joke that growing old was the lesser of two evils.
  • I do enjoy cycling, but to a lesser degree than running.

Less is also used with plural measurements of distance, money, time, etc., which express overall amounts that are usually considered singular:

  • Five kilometres is less than the distance I walked.
  • Jean had less than $40 for groceries, so Carl lent her some money.
  • We have less than twenty minutes to get ready!
  • Can you express that in 25 words or less?

Less is also frequently used in mathematics to mean “smaller.”

  • The sum of 7 plus 4 is less than 12.