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flounder, founder

The verbs flounder and founder are easily confused. The guidelines below will help you to choose the correct word.

Use the verb flounder if you mean

  • to thrash about
    • The lifeguard saw the swimmer floundering and ran into the surf to save him.
  • to struggle
    • Unprepared for the test, the student floundered about aimlessly in a sea of grammatical rules.
  • to have trouble with
    • The board of directors did not flounder on the issue of financial incentives.
  • to move clumsily or awkwardly
    • Because his snowshoes were too big, Jay floundered in the deep snow.

Use the verb founder if you mean

  • to sink
    • Many ships have foundered near Sable Island.
  • to break down; to collapse
    • Negotiations between the union and the employer are likely to founder once again.
  • to fail
    • The project finally foundered and was never revived.
  • to go lame
    • The horse favoured to win the race foundered at the finish line.