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forego, foregoing, foregone, forgo

Forego means to go before or precede, in time or place. It usually occurs in the forms foregoing and foregone.

  • No matter what you think of the foregoing words, you must agree that the pictures are astonishing.

In the expression a foregone conclusion, the adjective foregone indicates that the outcome could be seen in advance.

  • The party’s election was a foregone conclusion.

Forgo means to abstain from, do without or relinquish. The spelling forego is an accepted variant.

  • The board members were not prepared to forgo (or forego) their privileges.
  • More and more Canadians are forgoing (or foregoing) leisure activities to do volunteer work in the community.
  • Many parents have forgone (or foregone) certain luxuries to pay for their children’s university education.