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you and I, you and me

The phrase you and I acts as the subject in a sentence. As a general rule, write you and I if the pronoun we can be used instead.

  • You and I (we) need to sort this out.
  • I told Lisa that you and I (we) baked her birthday cake.

The phrase you and me acts as an object, most often as the indirect object of a verb or as the object of a preposition (e.g. about, after, at, between, for, from and to). Choose you and me if the pronoun us can be used instead.

  • Jacques saw you and me (us) at the mall yesterday.
  • Did Shawna intentionally throw the ball at you and me (us)?
  • Just between you and me (us), I think we should leave now.
  • The gifts were intended for you and me (us).
  • Dylan has not written to you and me (us) since he left town.
  • Everyone but you and me (us) was invited to the barbecue.